Yellow Birds- 12-24 mo.

Things we know about your one year old and hope to help them learn:

  • ·         Individual Interest: Everything is new and interesting to one-year-olds.We will use this natural curiosity to our benefit as we introduce age appropriate activities to help them learn new things.
  • ·         Emotional Needs: Emotionally, one-year-olds are just learning to recognize and manage their feelings. They experience a wide range of emotions and sometimes have tantrums when they are tired or frustrated. We will provide a loving, nurturing environment with the goal of helping them through this emotionally frustrating stage.
  • ·         Language Skills: During this year, language skills typically progress from grunting and pointing to speaking single words and experimenting with simple word combinations. We will be in constant conversation with them, using clear pronunciation so they can build better verbal skills.
  • ·         Recognition of Printed & Handwritten Objects: Even though one-year-olds have no solid awareness of print at this age, they take pleasure in nursery rhymes and books with single pictures. They also have no understanding of true “writing,” but many enjoy experimenting with marks and scribbles on a surface. We will introduce these experiences through repetitive reading, picture-card memorization and we will encourage coloring skills and other writing media.
  • ·         Math: As one-year olds play, they start to build their mathematical thinking by recognizing patterns and understanding shapes. For example, they notice that night is followed by day and that socks go on feet before shoes. They begin to sort familiar objects by one characteristic, such as whether they are “hard” or “soft.” We will provide items for their curiosity of filling, emptying, stacking, sequencing, fitting, sorting etc.
  • ·         Creative Experiences: One-year-olds are just discovering their creative abilities. We will help them explore these sensory skills by supplying items such as paint and clay. We will also expose them to music, and encourage body movement to rhythm, beat and melody.
  • ·         Physical Development: Some of the most obvious changes that you will notice in your one-year-old this year are in the area of physical development. Most one-year-olds typically move from crawling to running before 20 months. They hold their hands out to the side or poke their bellies out for balance. We will encourage independent movement from one space to another, walking, running and jumping in areas that allow them to do so in a safe manner.