Red Birds- 4-5 yrs

LWOF uses the “A Beka Book Curriculum” for ages 24 months and up:

ABeka Book is an outstanding faith based curriculum that will supply your child with beautifully colored textbooks to teach a variety of preschool skills.

Other things we know about your four-five year old and hope to help them learn:

  • ·         Imaginative’ Play: When it comes to learning, four & five-year-olds are developing greater self-control and ingenuity. Their pretend play is more complex and imaginative and can be sustained for longer periods. We provide toys and items for them to explore new experiences and more complete tasks such as being more self-reliant and independent decision-makers. We also encourage their natural ability to be more social as they learn new things side-by-side with their peers.
  • ·         Language Skills: The language skills of four & five-year-olds will expand rapidly. They begin communicating in complex and compound sentences, have very few pronunciation errors and expand their vocabularies daily. We will continue to give them more challenging instructions to follow with multi-step directions. We answer questions for them as they request explanations for things they can see. We encourage them as they naturally begin to initiate conversations.
  • ·         Written Language: Four & five-year-olds are building their knowledge of written language. They want to know what words in their environment say and can recognize many letters. By the end of this curriculum, our goal is to help them understand that letters represent the sounds in their spoken words and associate most or all letters with sounds. We help children with their writing skills & making more legible letters by teaching that writing goes from left to right and top to bottom.
  • ·         Math Concepts: Four & five-year-olds have an increased capacity for learning math concepts. We  guide them as they learn to use logical reasoning to solve everyday problems and encourage language to compare and describe objects and shapes. We repetitively introduce counting from 1-20, and “prayerfully” before entering kindergarten, they will be counting to 100.  We also introduce the recognition of written numerals 1-20, simple addition and subtraction, days of the week, months, seasons and begin to talk about time.
  • ·         Physical: Children this age can engage in long periods of active play and exercise. They are skillful at walking, climbing, jumping, hopping, skipping, marching and galloping. We will encourage them in their increased ability to throw, catch, kick and bounce balls, improve on finger dexterity by holding writing tools with a more mature, tripod grip. We also provide activities to help with advanced hand-eye coordination by using puzzles, playing with toys that have small parts, etc.
  • ·         Exploration: Four & five-year-olds approach the world with great curiosity and use their imaginations to help understand it. Hands-on exploration help them to separate reality from fantasy. We encourage participation in planning simple task and implementations of simple scientific investigations. We also encourage them to make observations, gather information, compare data, identify patterns, describe and discuss observations and form explanations and generalizations.
  • ·         Emotional: Emotionally, four & five-year-olds continue to learn what causes certain feelings and realize that others may react differently in same situations. We help guide them to better manage intense emotions with coping strategies like talking it out or drawing a picture to express feelings. We also encourage them in their progress of social interactions with peers by smoothly joining in a group play situation, being sympathetic to others, and suggesting ways to resolve conflicts.
  • ·         Creative Art: In exploring the creative arts, children this age can identify changes in pitch, tempo, loudness and musical duration. They can sing songs of their own creation as well as memorized ones. Their art begins to be more realistic and may incorporate letters. We provide scheduled times to express their love to dance, and to move rhythmically and smoothly while doing so. We provide areas, items and times for them to express their creativity with supplies and imaginative dramatic play.